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Racial Repair in Our Lifetime

We’re imagining and building a world after reparations — where a culture of repair is a reality. Our writing and events are moving us toward that world.

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Welcoming LV’s New Team Members


Building a Reparative Organization and Nation

Non Profit Quarterly

How Movement-Accountable Intermediaries Can Change Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review

A Multiracial Democracy in the United States Requires Racial Repair

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Building Narratives for Reparations, Reckoning, and Healing

MacFound Blog

The Push for Payback: Robert Wood Johnson and 80 Other Foundations Make a Case for Reparations

The Chronicle Of Philanthropy

Honoring Joe Brooks & Liberation Ventures’ Wise Council


To Build Narrative Power for Reparations, We Need Infrastructure

Nonprofit Quarterly

Philanthropy Is Stepping up to Advance Reparations and Racial Repair

Penta (Barron's)

How Philanthropy Can Invest in Advancing Reparations in the U.S. to Build a Better Future for All

The Heart of Giving Podcast

Philanthropy’s Support for Reparations Is Stronger Than You Might Expect

Inside Philanthropy

The Reparations Narrative Lab microsite is live!

A Reparations Roadmap for Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Building a Narrative for Reparations: Closing the Hope Gap

Harmony Labs

Movements of hope: Abolition and reparations in these times


Reparations and Representation

YES! Magazine

Liberation Ventures’ Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affirmation Action


Reparations: How Philanthropy Can Build A Culture of Repair

Northern California Grantmakers

Liberation Ventures Moves $2.2M to the Reparations Movement


Field Catalyst Origin Stories: Lessons for Systems-Change Leaders

The Bridgespan Group

Building Narrative Power


Backed By Diverse Funders, Liberation Ventures Is Pushing for Reparations and…

Inside Philanthropy

Creating the Conditions for Transformation: A Guide to Narrative Change Work

Common Future

Allow us to introduce ourselves.


Liberation Ventures Organizational Beliefs


Liberation Ventures Moves $1M to Black-led Reparations Organizations


Reparations are Coming: How Philanthropy Must Meet the Moment

The Nonprofit Quarterly

On the Other Side of Reparations, a New World Awaits

YES! Magazine

Black Americans Need Reparations: The Fight for the CTC Highlights…

The Nonprofit Quarterly

Moving Beyond “Making The Case”: How We Build Narrative Power…

Narrative Initiative

Repairing the Whole: How Reparations Can Address Physical and Mental Health

The Nonprofit Quarterly


Reparations Polling Roundup: The last 25 years

Our 25-Year, Three Phase Plan

A Dream In Our Name

Our Role in the Reparations Ecosystem: A Field Catalyst

Why Reparations?


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Want to get involved in the Black-led movement for reparations?
Here are open roles across the field:

Project Assistant

Chicago, IL

Chief Operating Officer

Evanston, IL

Racial Justice Fellow

Washington, DC

Campaign Organizer

Denver, Colorado

Director of Development

USA (Travel Position)

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Vice President of Movement Building


Vice President of Narrative Change